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Student union

The Student Union was established in 1994 under the name “Ianos”. It is a member of the National Student Union of Greece (ΕΦΕΕ) and its aims are to promote the ideals of freedom, democracy and creative contribution to social development and world peace; to develop intellectual and cultural relations among its student members; as well as to improve study conditions at the Department; to indicate solutions to operational and educational issues faced by students during their studies; and to promote measures that will ensure the professional future of both undergraduate and graduate students. Full members are those students that accept its Statutes; they have the right to participate in all General Assembly meetings with the right to speak and vote and are eligible for being elected in the Union or the University administration bodies. Honorary Student Union members are individuals that have offered exceptional services to the Department or the Union. Student Union bodies are the General Assembly (GA), the Board of Directors (BoD), the various Activities Committees and the Inspection Committee. The GA is the supreme body of the Student Union and decides on any and all issues; it monitors and inspects all other bodies; more specifically, it assesses the activities of the previous BoD, sets guidelines for the Union’s course of action and ensures that the BoD enforces them. The GA decisions are binding for all other bodies; the BoD is the executive body of the Student Union with seven elected members and an annual term of office. It convokes the GA and coordinates the Union’s actions.