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Student care

The Ionian University offers its students free accommodation, meals and medical care. All students have a right to free accommodation, with the exception of those admitted through placement examinations and those who own or rent (themselves or their parents) a residence within the town limits of the Municipality of Corfu. All interested students are required to submit an application, including all necessary documents. First year students are required to do so during their initial registration, while all other students between the 1st and the 15th of June of each year. Student accommodation is provided by the University Hall of Residence and Corfu town hotels leased by the University.
The Ionian University also offers free meals to all students meeting the requirements of PD 387/83 as amended by PD 494/85 and 143/90. The right to free meals is also extended to students whose parents are not residents of the Prefecture of Corfu and whose family’s total annual income does not exceed a given amount, as a function of the number of children in the family and the parents’ occupation. The free meals are offered by select restaurants in the town of Corfu.