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European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

A student’s stay and study for one or two semesters at a foreign University within the framework of the LLP is not just about becoming acquainted with another European Higher Education Institution: participating students have nearly all privileges and obligations of their fully registered counterparts at the target Universities.

Credits collected by students at the target University are transferred to and taken into consideration by the source University. This system aims at ensuring common procedures concerning the academic recognition of studies offered to participating students by various European educational programmes. The ECTS, through bilateral agreements between Universities, is directly linked to the learning agreement signed by the home University, the target University and each participating student. It also defines each student’s curriculum at the target University. This trilateral agreement consolidates the credits to be accumulated by the student during their stay abroad, since the home University undertakes the obligation to acknowledge them. Each University Department participating in the ECTS is required to issue a brochure in more than one European language with all available subjects as well as the credits for each of them.
In our Department, as pertains to the ECTS and our undergraduate curriculum, the following applies:

Four (4) ECTS credits for every “Mandatory” and “Optional” subject, two (2) ECTS credits for courses "Italian Language I & II", "French Language I & II", "English Language I & II", "Turkish Language I & II", eight (8) ECTS credits for the Final Thesis and sixteen (16) ECTS credits for the compulsory Placement. Our Department's LLP students are required to accumulate at least thirty (30) ECTS credits per semester during their stay at the target University.

More information may be found in the printed ECTS material, available at the Ionian University International and Interuniversity Relations Bureau in the Ionian Academy building (tel.: +30 26610 87129, +30 26610 87130) and at the ERASMUS Bureau (Rue Montoyer, 13-1040 Bruxelles, Belgium, tel.: +32 2 2330111, fax: +32 2 2330150).