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Undergraduate studies

Studies at the Department of Archives and Library Science extend over four (4) academic years or eight (8) semesters, since each year comprises two semesters: one in winter and one in spring. In the beginning of each semester, the Secretariat issues notices, inviting students to apply for Optional courses from the Department’s curriculum. Each semester, students are allowed to select a fixed number of Optional subjects; throughout their studies, students have the right to opt for up to two (2) Elective subjects from the other Ionian University Departments curricula. In case a student wishes to apply for an Optional subject belonging to a semester other than their own, they are required to fill in a Special Application. Failure to do so, results in students waiving the right to be examined in said subject.
As pertains to time allocation, examination diets and graduation requirements, the following applies:


  1. Each semester comprises at least thirteen (13) full weeks for teaching and three (3) weeks for examinations. If, for any reason whatsoever, the total number of hours any given subject was taught for, is less than 4/5 of those stipulated by the semester schedule (i.e. less than nine (9) weeks), said subject is considered as not having been taught
  2. There are three examination diets: in February, June and September
  3. The teaching staff reserves the right to define the way in which their subjects are assessed and is required to organise written and/or oral examinations and/or to assess their students on the basis of dissertations or lab exercises
  4. In case a student fails in the examination of a Mandatory subject, they are required to repeat the examination in the next available diet. In case they fail in an Optional subject, they may either repeat the examination in the next available diet or replace it with another Optional subject
  5. In case a student fails at least four (4) times in the examination of any subject, the Department General Assembly has the right –following an application by the student in question and taking into consideration any pertinent provisions included in the Department’s Internal Regulations- to compose a three-member re-examination committee, in which the original teacher-examiner must also participate
  6. Students conclude their studies and receive their degree when they pass all required subjects and accumulate 186 credits. They are also required to have participated in the Department’s Practice programme
  7. All student benefits, such as medical and hospital care, excellence grants, scholarships, student loans, free accommodation, meals, free books and other documentation, public transport concessions etc, are available over a period equal to the minimum time required for the completion of studies, increased by 50%. For the Department of Archive and Library Science, said period amounts to six (6) [4+2=6] years