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Research projects


The aim of the present Tempus Joint European University Management Project is to promote infrastructure reforms in the University Libraries of Tirana, Gyrocastre and Elbassan by introducing new technology tools and techniques that are foreseen to have a wider long-lasting effect on the Universities and Libraries at national level. This aim fully conforms with the Tempus Phare Priority areas as well as with the development plans of the partner institutions. The project's specific goal is to provide support and technical assistance to the aforementioned Universities, to upgrade their organizational structure and ameliorate the library services provided. The project's goals will be implemented by know-how transfer from the EU partners in the fields of informatics, information management systems, library networking etc. It will enhance general university administrative restructuring, proposed by the aforementioned projects. It will compliment University's administrative restructuring by being the library an integral part of the broader University Organization.
Homepage of project available at: Tempus