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Doctoral Research (2nd level)

Students entitled to register in the 2nd cycle of postgraduate studies in order to carry out doctoral research, are those holding a Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma or a Postgraduate Degree from a Greek or a foreign University, with the exception of specific cases, provided for in Article 12 of PD 380/89 and Article 12, Par. 2(a) of Act 2083/92. For those holding Postgraduate Degrees from foreign Universities, it is necessary for them to be recognised by the NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) or other competent official government agency. The foreign language requirements are the same as those for 1st cycle candidates.
All 2nd cycle of postgraduate studies candidates are required to submit an application to the Department’s Secretariat, addressed to the Special General Assembly, which decides on their admission. The duration of 2nd cycle studies may not be less than six or exceed fourteen semesters.