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Carrying out a dissertation is compulsory and the work must be original. Its aim is to bear testimony to the students’ research and methodology skills as well as their familiarisation with the subject at hand. Students suggest a dissertation topic in collaboration with a member of the postgraduate programme teaching staff, who will also be their Supervisor. Final approval of the topic is at the Supervisor’s discretion. He/she is responsible for supervising the entire procedure. Students may start working on their dissertation from the third semester of their postgraduate studies. Students select a topic and a Supervisor. Should the Supervisor accept both the appointment and the topic, the subject is then finalised, approved and subsequently submitted to the Secretariat. Supervisors agree for students to present their dissertations only if deemed worthy of a passing grade (i.e. a minimum of 5 out of 10). In any other case, the dissertation is returned to the student for corrections and improvement. When students have permission to present their dissertation, they are required to submit an electronic copy thereof at the Department Library.


Dissertation assessment

Dissertations are assessed and graded by a three-member committee during a viva voce examination.