Ionian University

The Ionian University was established in 1984. The University, for whose character (education, services, research, etc.) you can find information online, currently comprises six Departments, most of which are unique in Greece: The Department of History (first year of operation: 1985); the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (1986); the Department of Music Studies (1992); the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology (1993); the Department of Informatics (2004); and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (2004). It has approximately 2,000 active graduate students, 300 postgraduates, as well as numerous PhD students.

It boasts the development of new, owned buildings of excellent quality also for the housing of the Department of Archives and Library Science, as well as the integration of older and more recent buildings in the wider historical and modern Corfu town centre.
As of June 2009, 110 members of the Teaching and Research Staff (D.E.P.) are teaching at the Ionian University and approximately 96 members of the Associate Teaching Staff under contract pursuant to PD 407/80 (P.D. 407/80). The Special Laboratory Teaching Staff (SLTS) comprises 9 members and the Special Technical and Laboratory Staff (STLS) comprises 12. The University administrative and technical services are staffed by approximately 80 people.