Professional opportunities and prospects

There are approximately 300 active graduate and 75 postgraduate students at the Department of Archives and Library Science as well as about 60 PhD students. In the current socioeconomic reality, proper information organisation, evaluation and use at all levels, is necessary for the development of any activity. Over the past years, the enlargement of the role played by organisations managing collective memory, combined with the wide application of digital technologies in Greece and abroad, has led to a dramatic increase in the subjects taught at the Department, namely Archives and Library Science, Museology and Information Science in general. As a consequence, there is a respective increase in the demand for such specialised scientists by archives, libraries, museums, publishing houses, information centres etc, both in the public and the private sector, rendering our Department graduates’ professional prospects quite favourable.

Our students are trained in the organisation, classification, search, evaluation and presentation of all types of documents in conventional and/or digital form, including printed and electronic publications, corporate archives, papyri, audiovisual documents, legal texts and entertainment material, thus covering quite an extensive range of specialties that are useful to a large number of organisations and companies. As a result, Department of Archives and Library Science graduates may be employed in state and private archives, publishing houses, as well as in libraries of all types (state, private, academic, specialised, school libraries etc.).

Finally, they can be employed by museums for the management and presentation of museum collections. Some examples of potential employers include The State Archives and other Archives (of Universities, banks, organisations, courts of law, ministries and government agencies, companies, etc), various libraries (The National Library, The Hellenic Parliament Library, university, municipal, ministry, hospital, bank and other organisation libraries) as well as in documentation and information centres and as self-employed consultants in the field of library organisation and information services.